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Social Media

Different social media sites have different things to offer us. Here is a run-down of OPC’s current social media pages and what each one is useful for. It is hoped that all Members link up with the Club on both the Facebook Page and Group to lighten the load on emails, and make information sharing much easier.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook name is @OvertonPhoto – you can find us at this link: www.facebook.com/OvertonPhoto

This is our public-facing page where we hope to attract new members with our updates on what is going on in the Club. General Club updates and events will be posted here along with the best and most relevant finds around the internet, such as news on software updates, hints and tips, and non-club photographic competitions.

Facebook Group 

Our new Facebook Group can be found here:

This is a ‘Closed Group’ for members. As such, this provides a place outside of Club evenings (and outside of email) where we can all interact.


Our Twitter name is @OvertonPhoto – you can find us at this link: www.twitter.com/OvertonPhoto

Imagine opening your front door and seeing everyone in the world standing there! That’s kind of what Twitter is like. As such, Twitter is a great place for finding new and interesting things.

The @OvertonPhoto page is a place you can go to find links to useful tutorials, competitions, interesting articles and other happenings in the photography industry. We curate and share the best information we can find from the vast Twittersphere.

Below is an image of the top of our Twitter page. Locate where it says ‘Lists’ on the top bar. When you’re on our Twitter page, click ‘Lists’ and you’ll see a growing library of interesting subjects. Here’s a quick link to the Lists.

Want to know what the photography magazines are talking about? Check out the List on ‘Magazines and Websites’. Want to catch up with previous speakers, check out ‘Speakers, where we currently have Rachael Talibart and Viveca Koh. And so on – there are currently 16 Lists and we’ll keep adding to those.

When you click on a specific List you’ll see a feed of all the latest tweets from the Twitter feeds included on that List. Want to know who is on the List? Look at the List’s description box (top left) and click on ‘Members’.

Here’s a reminder of our social media links:

To save a copy of this business card, just drag the image on to your computer’s desktop or right-click on it and choose ‘Save image as’.

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