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Anyone of any standard of photography is welcome to join the Overton Photographic Club. The only requirement is that you have an interest in photography, either film, digital or both.

We consider ourselves to be a friendly group with many years of experience. We are more than happy to help like-minded people develop their photography technique, style or favourite genre.

Non-members are welcome to any club meeting for a visitor’s fee of £2, payable on the evening at the door. Non-members are not eligible to compete in any of our competitions.

Membership is £60 per year, with no further weekly fees. This is payable at the opening meeting of the season in early September, or if you are new to the club, at any time you decide to join.

The fee covers our entire programme, which includes workshops with visiting experts, genre talks, competitions, software training and more, which makes it great value for money. We also have an annual dinner (at extra cost for those who choose to come along) where we present awards won by our members during the year.

Discounted membership is available for people in full-time education or for those who want to join the club part way through the season. If you decide to join after visiting for a few meetings, your visitor fees will be deducted from the cost of your membership.

Membership forms are available at all of our home meetings.

Please feel free to come along and ‘test the water’. Why not bring along a few of your prints or slides for us to have a look at? You will be made very welcome.

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