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Access FREE photo mags online

Every month the good people at Photography News send our club a wodge of copies to share among our members. But did you know you can also read your copy online?

And do you know you can also read some of the UK’s most popular photo mags online for free, too? I’ll tell you how…

Hampshire Libraries and RB Digital

If you are a member of a Hampshire library, you have access to their online services, which include access to current magazines. If you’re not a library member you can join online using their simple form.

When you are a member, head over to the RB Digital website and click ‘Create New Account’ – they’ll ask for your library card number.

You’ll get immediate access to all their magazines. Some issues that may be of interest include :

  • Amateur Photographer
  • Artists & Illustrators
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital SLR Photography

There are also gardening magazines for Sue, history magazine for Mike and Practical Boat Owner for David and Tony.

If you want to read on your mobile device download the RB Digital app.


Head over to Issuu.com and sign up for a free account. On this site you can save ‘stacks’ of magazines to your account or just read what you find at the time.

You’ll find photography in the ‘Hobbies’ section – there are numerous magazines available, so have a browse. As well as all the photography editions you’ll find some good Photoshop ones such as Photoshop Creative and Advanced Photoshop Magazine.

Magazines from the industry

The websites of magazines

Some magazine also have associated websites, which often have great sections for educational resources and insight in to photographers who are doing new things. Here are a few:

UK magazines:

US magazines:

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