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Entry upload helper

To make our competitions run successfully – and to help our behind-the-scenes crew get things ready each round – it’s important to upload your entries correctly the first time, and on time!

This post will help you out with some good habits to get in to.

If you’re new to competitions, please also read our guide to how competitions work. Hopefully, it will answer any other questions you may have.

This year’s competitions

This season we have four rounds to our Print and PDI Leagues. You can find all the dates for the League in the diary. You’ll notice that Round Four has the theme of reflections and all other rounds are open for all subjects and styles. At the end of the season, a trophy for each league will be awarded at the annual lunch, with certificates for further placings.

Our Natural History competition – the John Smith Memorial Trophy – is on March 29th.

And our My Best of Year competition is on April 26th.

1. Always do a pre-upload check

First off, don’t even think about going to the upload page until you’re happy with all these steps:

  • Check whether or not the competition you are entering is open or themed.
  • Make your final decision on which images you are going to enter and in to which league: Print or digital (PDI). You can enter two images in each league.
  • Process your images until you are happy that all your editing is complete.
  • For digital images prepare you entry to the required size: PDI’s should be a maximum width of 1600 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels. Therefore, if you enter a portrait or square format image that means your maximum measurement will be 1200 pixels.
  • For print images save your high-res printing file and make a separate copy of it for uploading. The uploaded version of your Print entries should comply to the above digital image sizes. Bring your physical print on the night mounted on a card or mounting board. Your mount must be no more than 50 x 40cm in size – this is set by the Southern Counties Photographic Federation competition rules. It also means, that if you have a successful print it’s already ready to represent the club in an SCPF competition if selected by the committee.
  • Save your correctly sized images as JPG.
  • Check that each file is less than 10MB.
  • Give your images titles and name your files.
  • Check your calendar – the deadline for uploading your entry is midnight on the Tuesday before the Friday competition.

At this stage, are you sure that you are completely happy with all the above?

Great – you can pass GO and collect the appropriate amount of toy money!

2. Time to upload

This year, to make things easier, there is only one upload form. Every field on the form is required.

  1. Upload before midnight on Tuesday before the Friday competition.
  2. Remember to select the correct competition round using the selector.
  3. Now we are using only one upload form you’ll need to select ‘print’ or ‘PDI’
  4. Remember to put your correct class. You choose your own class but must remain in that class for the rest of the season.
  5. Please write your name in the format ‘first name, last name’ – what you type will appear on your label and in the league table, so please be correct and consistent.
  6. Type in your image title – what you type will appear on your label and in the results table. Please spellcheck beforehand if you’re not sure. Initial cap format is preferred, i.e.: My Great Title (prepositions such as a, the, is… would be lower case, hence ‘This is a Great Title’.).
  7. Designate image 1 and image 2 for each league that you enter.
  8. Double check your email address. This is where your email receipt will be sent.

As a final note. We have had problems in the past where people have an apostrophe in their name/title. The uploader scripts will strip these and replace them with spaces. If you have one in your name/title, please leave it out when entering your details in the form.

AdBlock plugins for web browsers sometimes make our forms do funny things. If you see ‘An error has occurred’ message when submitting entries, please disable AdBlock or any other browser extensions you may have. If you continue to get errors, drop us a line, and we’ll help out.

Finally, here is a handy video of an upload process, so you can see how easy it is to do, and check your entries are submitted and in the game.

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