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Club rules

1.The club shall be called ‘Overton Photographic Club’.

2.The objective of the club is the furtherance of photographic art and technique, through the exchange of ideas, co-operation and assistance between members, and the arrangement of organised meetings and competitions.

3.Membership is open to any person interested in and/or practising photography.

4.Subscriptions and guest fees shall be such amounts as determined at the annual general meeting. No person may enter or take part in any club competition unless their subscription is paid in full.

5.The officers of the club shall consist of:
President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

These officers will be elected annually at the annual general meeting. A committee consisting of the officers and a minimum of three other members shall manage the affairs of the club. Four persons constitute a quorum.

6.The annual general meeting (AGM) of the club shall be held during the month of May. The business shall include minutes of the previous annual general meeting, annual report of the committee, statement of accounts, and election of officers and committee members. Twenty-one days’ notice of the AGM must be given to all members.

7.A special general meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the committee or upon receipt of a requisition signed by one quarter of the members. Twenty-one days’ notice of the SGM must be given to all members. Written details of any query must be given to the club secretary beforehand to enable a decision to be reached.

8.A copy of the rules shall be supplied to every member. All alterations to be agreed by the committee.

9.Nominations and propositions for an AGM or SGM shall not be accepted unless given to the secretary fourteen days prior to the meeting and shall be signed by two members of the club: the proposer and seconder.

10.Emergencies. In the event of any occurrence not provided for or not clear in the foregoing rules, the officers shall have the power to deal with the matter at their discretion.

11.Closure of the club. In the event of the club ceasing to be active for a minimum of twelve months and at the discretion of the outgoing club officers, the club assets will be donated in full to the Overton Recreation Centre (ORC) for the specific use of the furtherance of the ORC objectives and the benefit of the community.

12.The committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate the membership of any individual.

13.Prospective members are required to pay a guest fee for each meeting attended.

14.The officers of the club should lead the weekly activities, but the whole membership should feel involved in major decisions, which should be taken at either the AGM or an SGM.


The club complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Under the Act, the club is a data controller exempt from notification. The club collects and holds personal information about members. This includes name, address, telephone number, email, membership, scores and records obtained in competitions and permission to use images on the website. Any member wishing to verify the personal information held by the club should apply to the club secretary.

Personal contact details are used only for the administration of the club, and are distributed only to committee members, and to others approved by the committee for specific purposes.

Contact details may be held about prospective members while they decide whether to join. Contact details are held about previous members, in case they decide to re-join.

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