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Audio Visual

Overton’s local audio-visual group has been running for many years, lead by enthusiast Keith Biggs who sadly passed away in 2016. We are delighted to pay tribute to Keith in these pages and spread the news and talents of the AV group.

So what is an AV?

In its basic form, an AV is a series of still images put together with an audio track – music, sound effects or voice-over – to tell a story or share a message for information or entertainment purposes.

It’s a form of multimedia that offers something both stills and video cannot. AVs let your eyes stay longer on key moments in a story and the audio provides sensory elements to help evoke the mood of the scene.

Featuring the tour at Bombay Sapphire in Laverstoke, the following is an example of an informational AV put together by AV group member, Mike Payne. Be sure to have your volume up for the full experience – and wait until the end for an audio clue to what Mike had been up to:


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